Next generation precision molecular therapies to tackle, in a safe and durable way, chronic diseases at their local root.

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Our mission

Providing safe, efficacious, and affordable therapies to patients with severe localized chronic diseases.

How we do it

Unlocking the full potential of non-replicative Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (nrHSV-1) vectors as a powerful gene therapy platform. This allows for the expression of large genes under the control of sophisticated regulatory elements, in a safe and redosable manner.

Our technology

We are passionate about making a difference for patients with severe chronic diseases. We are developing a powerful DNA medicine platform, and the critical manufacturing infrastructure, to do this.

We are exploiting the natural properties of the Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV-1) to establish lifelong latency in peripheral neurons in harmony with its human host. This should ensure safe, highly specific, and durable expression of the disease modifying transgene.

Our initial focus is peripheral nervous system disorders. We are experts in engineering vectors with specific promoters to achieve relevant targeted effects in specific neuronal subsets of the sensory or autonomic nervous systems.

We are developing a rich pipeline of vectors targeting different indications. Our most advanced project targets Type C neurons for the treatment of a series of underserved bladder disorders, predominantly affecting women and minorities. 

We are hiring! Help EG 427 Shape the Future of Gene Therapy!

We are actively recruiting. If you’d like to join our talented team to help make a difference for people with chronic diseases then see our Join Us section for open job opportunities.

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Funding and Support

BPI France, France’s Ministry of Research, and the Ile-de-France region have funded the company with multiple non-dilutive loans and grants as part of their work to deliver the French government’s policy of support for French start-ups by fuelling their R&D to accelerate innovation through grants and loans.


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